Elfa Wardrobe Storage

Shelving Depot now stock Elfa Wardrobe Storage Solutions for your home. Drawers, shelves and complete systems for your wardrobe storage update.

Various solutions for you who want an overview of your folded clothes on open shelves. There are also several covered drawers for t-shirts, underwear socks etc and shelves for bags or unloading your things. If you need a lot of space for short hanging clothes like shirts and blouses with the addition of a lot of covered storage in drawers for t-shirts, underwear. There is also space for up to 24 pair of shoes (depending on size) and several hanging pants. You can also open shelving for unloading or displaying your things. Other special functions are a tie and belt rack, a mirror and an accessory tray for small items like jewelry, belts or scarves etc. Bedroom closets with plenty of wire shelves for ventilated storage of sweaters and knits as well as bed linen and towels. There is also space for long and short hanging clothes and shoes.


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