EasySpan Workbench Systems

Our EasySpan Workbenches are cost-effective and easy-to-assemble. They are sturdy, easily customised and come in a wide range of sizes to suit your specific warehouse and workshop requirements. These come with the option of Swivel Wheel Castors.


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    Features & Benefit

    Adaptable, strong and offering great value-for-money, the Shelving Depot EasySpan Workbench series could be just the solution you’ve been seeking for your warehouse, workshop or office.

    The Shelving Depot EasySpan Workbench system is constructed and designed based on the pallet racking concept. With powder-coated steel framing for a sturdy and strong finish, this is cost-effective and easy to assemble workbench, that is extendable and flexible.

    Tailored Workbench Solutions

    Available in a range of heights and lengths, the workbench system can be tailored to fit the measurements of your warehouse, workshop or office space and the preferred working height of your workers or the work-bays. With lower shelving, your work areas are ensured an efficient and tidy solution. You can find a workbench that meets all your requirements.

    Easy Assembly and Installation

    Our solutions do not require much effort in assembly and installation. With Shelf options of either 25mm MDF board, which slots into the rebated beam or Steel Mesh Panels that fit over the beams, the whole structure is automatically squared and straightened.

    This system takes just minutes to assemble and once complete is easily lifted and moved into place.

    Pain-Free Warehouse Expansion

    Should your requirements change, simply add on another bay to extend the unit, making the Shelving Depot EasySpan Workbench system an easily customisable solution for your business. You can continually expand warehouse capacity as your business grows.

    Applications and Installations

    • Optional Item
    • Rated at 200kg loading each


    • Sturdy design with easily adjustable shelf levels, powder-coated finish
    • Postface: 60mm Pitch: 50mm » Max weight 3500/kg per bay
    • Lengths: 1800mm – 3000mm
    • Available in 4 widths: 450mm, 600mm, 900mm,1200mm


    • Sturdy design with powder-coated finish
    • Beam face: 60mm
    • Lengths: 900mm – 2400mm
    • Carrying Capacity: 300kg – 600kg
    For other shelving solutions, view our selection of longspan shelving products.
    • MDF board: 25mm, some sizes ex stock
    • Lengths: 900mm – 2400mm
    • Widths: 450mm – 1200mm

    Ideal for warehouse, office & retail installations.

    Technical Data

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