Premium Used Pallet Racking

Shelving Depot NZ offers a wide selection of second-hand pallet racking systems that offer excellent value for money and help to maximise the use of your space. Although second-hand, all our products maintain the strength to accommodate large quantities of palletised goods.


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    Features & Benefit

    We have a large stock holding of standardised, used racking with various sizes, features and capacities. Some of the brands we carry include the following:

    • Victor
    • Dexion
    • Acrow
    • Stow
    • Capital
    • Metalsistem
    • Mac Rack Schaffer

    Cost-Effective Warehouse Solution

    When you buy used pallet racking, you are able to stretch your investment further. It is a cost-effective solution to expanding your warehouse capacity. Because they are designed to maximise vertical space, the racking system enables you to accommodate a larger inventory without occupying more floor space.

    Vetted by Logistics Experts

    Before we supply used pallet racking, it undergoes a thorough inspection by experienced team. We assess the capacity, safety and durability, ensuring that it can still offer a long service life. All corners, joints and feet are examined for defects.

    We have a stringent set of standards to make sure that our clients only receive high quality and fit-for-purpose racking.

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    Ideal for warehouse, office & retail installations.