High Density Storage Cabine

Features & Benefits

Shelving Depot’s BOSCOTEK™ High-Density cabinets are designed to provide years of maintenance free convenient storage.  Manufactured in Australia using the finest materials, High-Density cabinets ensure a durable, reliable and strong workplace storage solution.

  • Safe: Integrated true anti-tilt system on all drawers
  • Strong: Robust steel frame provides excellent strength
  • Durable: Single piece construction industrial strength drawer


  • User Friendly: Single and full extension runners capable of holding UDL loads of up to 200KG
  • Organised: Custom configurations to meet your needs
  • Customisable: Wide range of colours and accessories
  • Reliable: Manufactured in Australia by BOSCOTEK™
  • Secure: Cabinets are lockable ensuring that your high-value items are protected

Applications & Installations

Retail: this system gives you the ability to display a huge range of SKUs in a compact space in your retail space. If you sell small componentry and have to stock a wide range of SKUs, these cabinets can help you to organise and promote your range

Display: arrange high-value prints, models, or components in each of the drawers to create an engaging display for your clients



Automotive: apply 5s, LEAN, or Six Sigma to your workspace by organising your range of tools, attachments, and parts. Being able to locate your items quickly will immediately help you to be more efficient and reduce waste in your day-to-day operations

Laboratory: keep your equipment clean and organised. Steel componentry is easy to clean and one of the best ways to ensure your equipment is secure

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