EasySpan: Cantilever Racking System

Premium Commercial & Industrial Cantilever Racking

Cantilever racking makes the storing and handling of long materials such as timber, piping and mouldings easier. Getting these long items off the floor allows you to organise and free up valuable space in your warehouse improving your return on investment. Being modular in design, our cantilever storage rack systems allows you to increase your storage capacity by simply adding additional posts or arms to your rack.

EasySpan Cantilever comes in 3 x different systems:

  • EasySpan Racking Cantilever
  • EasySpan SuperRack Cantilever
  • EasySpan UltraRack Cantilever

EasySpan warehouse cantilever systems are designed to be free-standing and come in single-sided and double-sided units. Each post can be fitted with multiple arms which can be set at different heights to accommodate different stock. Optional removeable slip-pins are available for the SuperRack and UltraRack systems. These are placed at the end of each arm to secure unstable stock such as pipes or extrusions. The slip-pins come in multiple lengths and can be modified to meet your specific requirements. For the EasySpan Racking Cantilever range, upstands at the end of each arm are used instead of slip-pins. These are a standard offering and are welded in place.

Benefits of a Cantilever Racking System:

  • Easy Storage of Long Bulk Items

    EasySpan is modular, adjustable and very strong. This makes it easy to store long steel piping, lumber, extrusions or bulky furniture.

  • Easy Loading

    These systems can easily be loaded and unloaded manually or with a forklift.

  • Flexibility

    Our three ranges cover all your needs from light duty storage (EasySpan Racking Cantilever) to heavy duty storage (UltraRack Cantilever).

  • Adjustable

    Adjusting levels and extending your racking is made easy with our modular system.

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