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5 Advantages Of Our Shelving Units


Are you concerned that you’re not using your workspace effectively?

No matter what field your business operates within, having the correct shelving system is an absolute must.

Warehouses come in many different sizes, and with that comes different demands and systems of operation. Businesses often need to stay on their toes and adapt their shelving depending on the amount of stock they are, or aren’t, moving.

As a leading supplier of shelving units NZ wide, we have had our fair share of unique jobs with varying demands. But one thing remains constant: having a neat and efficient shelving system has an enormous impact on the overall performance of your business.

Longspan shelving is one of the most basic forms of storage but also incredibly effective. In this blog, we’ll share with you the 5 advantages you can enjoy when you opt for a shelving solution that suits your specific needs.


One of the key advantages of our Longspan shelving systems is that they are all very easy to work with. Our EasySpan and Super123 systems are easy to setup, reconfigure, and relocate. This gives you options and does not restrict you to the layout that was initially proposed. Furthermore, Longspan shelving is not considered to be part of a building structure and therefore avoids any of the council paperwork and compliance that is necessary to pallet racking structures. This means that you can install and alter the shelving as you please without needing to worry about paperwork and compliance.


Another advantage is that Longspan shelving is a very versatile product that can be applied to various challenges that are faced in your business. Our Longspan shelving is modular by design and this means that we are able to offer a range of material for the decking. This means you can use our Longspan systems to store almost anything. Whether you’re after the smooth consistent finish of MDF, wire mesh rack that promotes airflow and eliminates dust build up, or steel panels for clothing or DG storage, we are able to offer a suitable Longspan solution.


Longspan shelving always offers an excellent return on investment. It is one of the lower cost options for storage due to the slim design (which uses less steel) and because you are able to avoid the expense of council compliance and paperwork. This allows you to create an effective storage solution that improves workflow, capacity, and productivity, for minimal investment.


The attributes of Longspan shelving lend themselves well to creating a high-density solution. Firstly, the slim design of shelving minimises wasted space and allows you to fit in a large number of levels, close together. Secondly, the large range of sizes allows you fill up any space available. For example, there are seven different beam lengths available in the EasySpan range which mean that we can fill any space completely with a maximum wastage of 30cm.


The last advantage discussed in this blog is in nowise the least, and that is availability. At Shelving Depot, we pride ourselves in having massive stockholdings of our EasySpan and Super123 shelving range. This means that we are able to fulfill your requirements ex stock. This allows you to move quickly and realise the return on investment rather than putting down a deposit and then waiting for stock to arrive.

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