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Our Heritage

Shelving Depot was first established in 1991 by Graeme Cranston. The small family business ran for two decades in which time Graeme became very well-known for offering a personalised service and going the extra mile, even for small shelving projects Graeme embedded a key principle into our DNA – a willingness to go above and beyond to ensure all our customers standards and expectations were met and exceeded. These values remain true to this day in the trusted hands of Graeme’s good friend and current managing director, Daniel Steele.
Keeping the old ethos intact, Daniel has brought a new energy to Shelving Depot – which has since doubled in size year on year. With new ideas, connections, and products, Shelving Depot has evolved into the trusted powerhouse it is today. Though we may look a little different, Shelving Depot’s popularity is a direct result of the hardwork and care that Graeme put into each job customer.
Every day we strive to provide that same level of service to anyone that requires our assistance. When you deal with us, you’ll find that we are an engaged team of professionals who care about your success. To us, cutting a deal that works for us is not good enough. We want our solution to truly add value and unlock the next stage of your businesses growth.

We pride ourselves in:

* Fresh Thinking: some people call it innovation. We approach projects by assessing your needs first and then assess what options we have to curate a unique solution. Pallet racking doesn’t have to be conventional and we approach our client requirements on a case-by-case basis. .
* Hassle-Free Process: There’s no point making things harder than they have to be. If you need to make changes mid-project, we’re adaptable and committed to keeping the job, and your operation, flowing.
* Do it once, Do it Right: Measure twice, cut once! From initial design consultation, installation and then ongoing maintenance, we work with you to get it done right, the first time!
* People deal with people: We get our kicks from working with customers to get results. We do not have a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach – before we plan our solution, we first aim to understand your specific needs for the best possible outcome.
Same new pallet racking rows mid-installation
Durable, cost-effective and customisable — our shelves maximise your storage space and accommodate an ever-growing inventory.


Daniel Steele

Managing Director & Key Account Manager

Boaz Godinho

Project Manager

Finn Steele

Storage Consultant

Michael Soon

Draftsman and Estimator

Liesl Hinkley

Operations Support & Admin

David Bruce

Operations Manager