Avoid Issues In Your Warehouse

Are you wondering if your warehouse could operate more proficiently, cost-effectively, and safely?  Or do you need more space, and are wondering if items could be stored more efficiently? Shelving Depot are now offering free warehouse assessments. We send a consultant to your site who can advise on efficiencies, improving capacities, and safety concerns. Your […]

Reclaim Your Space With EasySpan

Adaptable, strong and offering great value-for-money, the Shelving Depot EasySpan Cantilever series could be just the shelving solution you’ve been seeking for your warehouse, workshop or office. Shelving Depot EasySpan Light Duty Cantilever Racking is a perfect solution for products such as aluminum extrusion, PVC pipe lengths, wood moldings and many other awkward to store […]

Warehousing Mistakes… 8 common pitfalls & how to avoid them!

Warehousing is a critical component in all supply chains, and an increasingly complex one with the rise of automation, AI and the ‘internet of things’. Warehouse managers in New Zealand now more than ever must cater for increasingly diverse product lines and volumes, have the availability for rapid additions, and maintain inventory accuracy and efficiency… […]

Shelving Depot | Xmas Projects

Are You Making Us Of the Xmas Break?

DID YOU KNOW THAT MANY KIWI BUSINESSES TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE XMAS BREAK TO SCHEDULE BUSINESS UPDATES & ENHANCEMENTS! The Xmas break is fast approaching, actually its screaming up to us once again!! In past years, we have worked with our business partners during this period completing storage additions, updates or enhancements. With the slow down […]

Shelving Depot | A well-planned storage solution can save you money and maybe prevent the disruption that a full-on shift of premises can bring.

Is Your Warehouse Too Small?

THREE IMPORTANT QUESTIONS TO CONSIDER BEFORE LOOKING FOR MORE WAREHOUSE SPACE! A customer recently told me that following a warehouse redesign he had realised they had too much space. This is certainly something we are not regularly told, but it reinforced the fact that a well-planned storage solution can save you money and maybe prevent […]