Shelving Depot now offers a Design and Build Consultancy service to all customers on request. Our team now have the capability to create custom racking designs to suit your specific needs.

Throughout the Design and Build Consulting Service we work side by side with you to achieve a mutual understanding of your challenges, difficulties and needs, and how we can meet them. As storage consultants, we work through multiple designs comparing functionality with capacity as we strive to determine the perfect storage solution that fulfils your requirements.

The SD Design and Build service is all about our team working with you to achieve complete control of your storage space. We found that what clients were lacking in the industry was a comprehensive understanding of their storage space. As consultants we actively work with you, discussing various designs and making recommendations to enable you to unlock the full potential of your storage space using the SD Design and Build Process:

  1. Visualise your space
  2. Compare multiple designs
  3. Realise the full potential of your space
  4. Be in control of your storage needs


Shelving Depot | Design & Build Process- What's Involved

Our design and consultancy service will enable you to maximise your storage space, unlocking the potential of your warehouse. Our service allows us to provide you with accurate details on multiple designs including:


Our Design service allows you to plan and organise your storage space before it exists. This will enable you to allocate space and ensure that your warehouse layout will have the capacity that it needs.

Shelving Depot | Design & Build Process - Planning

Shelving Depot | Design & Build Process - Consult


Come to our office for a free consultation. We offer appointments at our site for you to come and have plans drawn and adjusted during a consultation session. This has proved to have been extremely beneficial in the past for both us, as consultants, and our potential clients in understanding the specific needs for the project and finalising layout details.


Contact the Shelving Depot team to discuss your needs.