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Avoid Issues In Your Warehouse

Could your warehouse operate more efficiently, cost-effectively, and safely?  Do you need more space, and you think your items could be stored more efficiently?

Shelving Depot is now offering free warehouse assessments. We send a consultant to your site who can advise on efficiencies, improving capacities, and safety concerns. Your warehouse assessment is obligation free. Thus it is advice you can walk away with and use however you want.

If the safety of your racking is your primary concern, the Shelving Depot team now also offers a Comprehensive Racking Safety Audit (enquire for pricing) with the following actions:

  1. Our team makes a detailed appraisal of every visible racking component for damage, wear & tear, and safe loadings.
  2. Each component is graded, and recommendations made as to remediation needed to enhance safety.
  3. After that, we produce a detailed report and go over it with you. The report includes suggestions on efficiencies, improving capacities, and any safety concerns.


Shelving Depot now offers a Design and Build Consultancy service to all customers on request. Our team now have the capability to create custom racking designs to suit your specific needs.
Throughout the Design and Build Consulting Service we work side by side with you to understand your challenges, difficulties and needs. Ultimately we work through multiple designs comparing functionality with capacity as we strive to determine the perfect storage solution that fulfils your requirements.
The SD Design and Build service is all about our team working with you to achieve complete control of your space. Most importantly, we assist in helping you achieve a comprehensive understanding of the potential of your storage space. In addition, we actively work with you, discussing various designs, listening and making recommendations. The SD Design and Build process delivers a personalised and efficient solution, where we:

  • Visualise your space
  • Compare multiple designs
  • Realise the full potential of your space
  • Choose what is best for your business


Our design and consultancy service will enable you to maximise your storage space. To sum up, we help you unlock the potential of your warehouse. Moreover, our service allows us to provide you with accurate details on multiple designs including:

  • Lineal shelving meters
  • Total pallet spaces
  • Picking space
  • Aisle measurement
  • Beam levels and more

Contact Brent today to schedule your Comprehensive Safety Audit or FREE Warehouse Assessment.

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