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Hart & Lowe, Coromandel

Case Study:

Hart & Lowe Barristers and Solicitors

Whangamata, Coromandel

Company Name

Hart & Lowe Barristers and Solicitors


Whangamata, Coromandel

Company Profile

Hart & Lowe are a boutique general practice law firm, providing a first-class legal service. Their clientele consists of individuals, trusts, charities, small businesses and companies, locally, nationwide and internationally. With over 50 years combined experience, the firm is committed to providing an efficient, effective and professional service.

Project Scope

Hart & Lowe came to Shelving Depot for assistance with the storage of various paper files. Their existing shelving was a custom fitted solution but did not have the capacity that they required. They asked us to manage the removal of existing shelving, redesign, supply, and installation of a new and improved system.

The Process:

At first, we worked with Hart & Lowe remotely to come up with some preliminary plans that would improve the storage capacity of their space.

Once we had agreed on a layout, we arranged a site visit and hard measure which was completed by our Project Manager. The site measure revealed that a few minor changes were required which were processed in consultation with the client.

With the finalised design, we then worked with Hart & Lowe to determine an installation date, and then we took it from there. The dismantle and re-installation took our team two days, quickly transforming the storage space at our client’s site.

The Results:

For their high-density solution, we turned to our Super123 Shelving range. The large range of sizes and the compactus option allowed us to complete pack the space with shelving with minimum wastage.

Hart & Lowe were able to fit 162.4 lineal meters of shelving into their corridor and small back room. This has allowed them to store all their files in house and given them capacity to retain files for now and for the future.

Design Highlights

Some of the design highlights include:

  • Side and backing boards: a custom option which were included to create a professional finish and provide required support for their paper files
  • Mobile compactus unit: this reduced the number of aisles required from 3 down to 1 and was critical for maximise the use of space

Slim beams: allowed us to get the maximum number of levels within the height available and therefore optimise the use of space

Customer Feedback:

We are really impressed with the shelves!  We are still yet to put all our files back – that part will be a work in progress.

The shelves look great and the design works well.  Tim is quite impressed with the steel, how in and of itself its rather flimsy but once folded and put together, very strong.  The shelves slide easily and don’t require much effort at all.

You and your team have been fabulous. Very professional, and worked hard. We are grateful. Thank you.

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