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Melbourne University, Australia

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Melbourne University


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Melbourne University



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The University of Melbourne is a public research university located in Melbourne, Australia. Founded in 1853, it is Australia's second oldest university and the oldest in Victoria.

Project Scope

Due to its unique and growing collection of rare books, ancient maps, prints and other published materials, the library department at the University of Melbourne was unable to keep pace with its storage needs. The University’s project management team embarked on an extensive refurbishment program to develop and implement a customised storage solution that would house the priceless collection safely, allow staff to access the collection easily and quickly, whilst ensuring optimal storage conditions for sensitive material.

Super 123 Shelving System

High density storage system for University book library

Shelving Depot works closely with Bowen Storage in the supply and installation of Super 123 Shelving in the Australasian market.

Bowen Storage designed, supplied and installed a two-tier medium duty storage module, working closely with the architect and builder to deliver an effective storage solution to cater for over 300,000 valuable book titles.


We partnered with the University of Melbourne project team to design a space efficient two tier storage module consisting of 1,300 bays of shelving, with a footprint of approximately 1,400 square metres of floor space.


The Super 123 series shelving system provided a better load distribution to the concrete floor through the use of shorter 900mm long bays. The lightweight construction of Super 123 further aided to reduce the weight loading on the suspended concrete slab floor, which had a strength rating of 3kPa.


A versatile and innovative storage solution, the Super 123 series shelving system is modular in construction and beam levels are easily adjusted. This allowed shelf levels to be easily adjusted to accommodate different book sizes even after the installation was completed.


Paper (particularly historic) contains a wide variety of metals, which when in contact with other metals can potentially increase the rate of deterioration of older documents. Zinc is one of the few metals which are not harmful in this manner, and zinc is the primary component used in the galvanisation process of Super 123 shelving. This means that the standard finish of the Super 123 shelving was perfectly suited and recommended for archive storage, as lead content in other surface finishes such as powder coating would have severely impacted the quality of the library’s archives.


We managed the entire project, working closely with the architect and builder. Having designed the two-tier storage module to maximise storage capacity by using all available floor space, Our installers had to work progressively in a very restricted area and in conjunction with other trades, including electricians, fire services technicians and air-conditioning mechanics.

Shelving Depot has recognised and embraced the needs of the archive storage industry, and is uniquely positioned in the New Zealand market to deliver integrated and versatile storage solutions.

Contact us here if you would like further information on our Super 123 shelving system.

With one of the largest book and periodicals collections in Australia, the University of Melbourne chose to upgrade its storage facility with the Shelving Depot Super 123 Series storage system .

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