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Strathallan Street, Dunedin

Case Study:

Multination Engineering and Automotive Supplies company

Strathallan Street, South Dunedin, Dunedin

Company Name

Multination Engineering and Automotive Supplies company


Strathallan Street, South Dunedin, Dunedin

Company Profile

This client distributes Bearings, Power Transmission and Engineering consumables to the New Zealand industrial and automotive markets.

Project Scope

Working to create yet another ‘centre of excellence’ this client approached us to provide a turn-key warehouse storage solution that catered to their unique requirements. They already had a building arranged when they approached us for assistance to achieve the perfect balance of workflow, capacity, investment, and efficiency.


For this project, Shelving Depot’s team submitted multiple designs and accompanied these with our recommendations. Our client had a very thorough understanding of the storage capacity they required and left it to us to design a layout that would fulfil this.

After working through the design process, they approved a design that used our EasySpan Shelving (for their small parts) and SD Pallet Racking (for pallet storage). We then managed the project and sent our team to complete the installation in Dunedin.

Here are some key things to note about their design:

  • Safe: Splitting the small parts and pallet storage with the main aisle minimises pedestrian traffic in the area forkhoists are operating which keeps your staff safe
  • Optimised: Occasionally we see racking solutions where pallet racking has picking levels below. In the main, we separated the picking and pallet storage which allowed SAECO Wilson to use wide aisles only on the left-hand side of the warehouse. This saved space and helped to maximise the capacity of the facility
  • Fast: The shelving laid out with an ‘East-West’ layout is designed to allow quick access from the main aisle to allow for quick picking.

Pain points:

Some of the key pain points they were experiencing were:

  • Poorly laid out warehouse which was easily blocked up with incoming shipments or the packaging of larger orders
  • Unable to navigate with a forklift around the majority of racking
  • It was remote from where employees lived

Products and Services Utilised in this Project:​

  • Design and Build Consultancy Service
  • Complete Project Management
  • SD Pallet Racking
  • Pallet Racking Shelving
  • EasySpan Shelving
Before Installation
During Installation

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