SHELVING DEPOT: Racking & Shelving Solutions For Your Industrial, Commercial Or Warehouse Storage Needs.

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SHELVING DEPOT: Racking & Shelving Solutions For Your Industrial, Commercial Or Warehouse Storage Needs.

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EasySpan Shelving

Features & Benefits


The huge range of sizes available allow you to make the most of any space compared to systems where fewer sizes result in wasted space


Powdercoated rather than painted finish protects the steel and extends the life of your shelving


Your storage requirements will evolve and change over time. EasySpan shelving is designed to be quickly adjusted – and this is something you will be able to do yourself. Shelf levels can be moved up or down in increments of 50mm.


Should you need to increase your storage capacity, you can simply purchase additional components and integrate these into your existing setup.


Bolted construction with diagonal bracing provides a stronger alternative to similar welded products


With heights available up to 4.2m (and higher), you can optimise the storage capacity of your warehouse and clear valuable floor space

Easy Installation:

Though we offer installation service, most of our customers choose to install this system themselves. Frames are supplied assembled so all you need to do is slot the beams into position and drop the boards/mesh in place

Applications & Installations

Standard Heights Available: 1800mm, 2400mm, 3000mm, 4200mm (custom heights available on request)

Standard Depths Available: 450mm, 600mm, 900mm, 1200mm

Standard Lengths Available: 600mm, 900mm, 1200mm, 1500mm, 1800mm, 2100mm, 2400mm

Please note, when calculating the length of your shelving unit, be sure to allow an additional 60mm of length for every upright frame that you will be using (i.e. a starter bay using 2400mm long beams will have an overall length of 2520mm (60 + 2400 + 60)

Static Weight Loading Capacity per Bay: 3500kg (this means that in a single bay, you could load 10 shelves with 350kg each)

Static Weight Loading Capacity per Level (Uniformly Distributed):

600mm 800kg per Level
900mm 800kg per Level
1200mm 800kg per Level
1500mm 800kg per Level
1800mm 550kg per Level
2100mm 400kg per Level
2400mm 300kg per Level

Shelf Options:
Premium 25mm MDF Boards – this is our most popular option, ideal for storing small items and a good option for materials that wire mesh may damage, like documents and fabrics.

Feet Options:
Plastic Protective Feet – our standard option which helps protect your floor whether it be concrete, carpet, or timber
Steel Bolt-Bolt Feet – these are available for those who wish to secure their shelving to the floor. We would usually recommend this option for units taller than 2400mmH
Swivel-Wheel Castors – it you wish to convert your shelving unit into a mobile shelving unit or workbench, add our durable swivel-wheel castors. Like the shelving system, these are high quality and built to last in even the most demanding conditions

Shelf Supports:
To achieve the max weight loading per level, we recommend that shelf supports are used on units which are 900mm/1200mm Deep. These supports offer lateral support to the shelf boards and help distribute the load and eliminate board sagging

Post/Beam Pitch:
50mm – shelf levels are height adjustable in increments of 50mm

Durable powdercoated finish – sky blue frames and ghost grey beams

Rollformed frames with bolted bracing. Beams are a fully-enclosed box section with welded 3-prong brackets

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