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Is Your Warehouse Too Small?


A customer recently told me that following a warehouse redesign he had realised they had too much space. This is certainly something we are not regularly told, but it reinforced the fact that a well-planned storage solution can save you money and maybe prevent the disruption that a full-on shift of premises can bring.

Q1. PAYING FOR AIR | Look up, maybe that’s your answer? Traditionally we think in square meters when discussing warehouses and their costs.

What if you rethink this in cubic meters and see if there is an opportunity waiting for you by installing taller racking or shelving?

Shelving Depot has EasySpan Shelving at up to 3 meters high in stock and we have done projects at up to 4.2 meters. It does require proper access ladders but they are a fraction of the ongoing cost of extra warehousing.

If it’s pallet spaces you need, talk to us about how high you can go. Get in touch with the team today »

Q2. Space Efficiency | Is there more space efficient handling equipment to free up that valuable real estate?

The range of space efficient handling equipment for warehouses has greatly increased in both lifting capacity, reach and ability to maneuver in tight spaces.

Has your warehouse been designed around an efficient space saving solution? In some case warehouse aisle widths can now be as close as 1.8 metres apart. Many older warehouses are as much as 4 metres. This extra 2.2 metres per aisle can add up to a massive amount of storage space depending on the size of your warehouse.

Shelving Depot works with Materials Handling Solution providers to ensure we offer you the very best options, get in touch with the team today »

Q3. Product vs. Storage | Is your current storage solution you’re using the most effective and efficient for the product you are storing?

Having the right storage solution for your product might sound obvious but so often we see product stored using a solution that was designed for a completely different purpose.

As the saying goes, horses for courses, but really, what should it be? Pallet Racking, Cantilever Racking, Longspan Shelving, Stack Rack or Double Deep Racking…

Sometime this compromise results in a very awkward, inefficient use of space, not to speak of the other considerations such as safety, ease of movement etc. The unseen expense of what is generally an attempt to save money can be huge.

Time is money, space is money, what’s the real cost?

The team at Shelving Depot will work with you to customise a solution best suited to your needs in the space you haveGet in touch with the team today »