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Our Shelving Systems

Shelving Depot NZ offers a wide selection of innovative shelving solutions for warehouses and workshops across New Zealand. Our range of shelving caters for a huge range of applications, typically suited for items which you expect to be hand-loading. We have curated our range of shelving over the years in order to be able to offer durable, cost-effective and customisable solutions to a wide range of users.

Our range of shelving covers a huge variety of uses and is made up of six main systems:

You can access the product pages for each product down below. Here is a brief overview of each system:

EasySpan Shelving

This is our most popular industrial grade shelving system for commercial applications such as bulk stores, distribution centres, workshops, and more. If you are looking for a durable ‘standard’ shelving system, this is our go-to solution.

RM Series 80 Shelving

RM Series 80, also known as Acrow 80 shelving is a New Zealand made shelving system. This system is being phased out however we continue to stock small quantities of this system to service customers who are seeking to match their existing system.
Premium Used Shelving
If the presentation of your shelving is not your main concern, our Premium Used Shelving offers you more bang for your buck. Premium Used stock does fluctuate so it is best to contact our team to discuss what is available.
MetalMax Retail Shelving
This system is referred to with a wide range of names including: Retail Display, Grocery Shelving, Gondola Shelving, Display Shelving, Dairy Shelving. This is an excellent option for front of shop storage and display. With a fully range of accessories available, this system will help you create compelling displays to maximise revenue from your store.
Elfa Shelving
Use this system to create a stylish storage solution. Elfa Shelving has an enormous range of attachments and options. It is best suited to lighter applications, such as home storage, or for areas where a wall-mounted system is your best option.
Super123 Shelving
Super123 shelving is a highly versatile Italian made shelving system designed for the Retail Back-of-Shop (BOH) storage market. The clever designs allow retailers to maximise the storage capacity of their BOH storage space which reduces costs, improves stock management, and helps boost profits.

Review our selection below to see what system best suits your requirements


The modular design of our shelving systems means that they are easily adjustable. As your storage requirement evolve, you can rearrange and adjust your shelving to suit

Wide Range

With six main shelving systems, we have something for almost any application. If you are unsure of what suits your requirements best, contact one of our team


Using a modular system in your storage space gives you peace of mind that you will be able to add to the units in the future.

Our Industrial & Commercial Shelving Systems

Take the time to browse our range to understand which of our offerings will suit your requirements best. If you need help deciding, contact one of our team.