Industrial & Commercial Shelving Products

Shelving Depot NZ offers a wide selection of innovative shelving solutions for warehouses and workshops across New Zealand. Durable, cost-effective and customisable, our shelves maximise your storage space and accommodate an ever-growing inventory.

Customised Solutions

Our shelves feature configurations that fit your distribution space or stockroom. You can create solutions that are customised to the layout of your space.

High-Quality Shelves

Our designs meet stringent manufacturing and construction standards to keep operations safe and efficient. Each product in our selection has been vetted and inspected by an experienced team. Made of durable materials, our shelving is designed to last.

Convenient Process

Our clients enjoy a pain-free process of selecting, ordering and installing their shelving units. We have created a streamlined process to make storage expansion as easy as possible.

Longspan Shelving

Our Longspan Shelving units come in various lengths and heights, so you can put together a configuration tailored to the measurements of your warehouse. With up to ten shelves per bay, it is ideal for commercial and industrial facilities that house sizeable inventories.


Each longspan shelving system can be assembled within minutes and easily moved across the stockroom. Frames feature braced and bolted construction for durable storage and have protective plastic feet to keep warehouse floors free from damage.


Shelving Depot NZ offers three types of longspan shelving racks:


MDF Boards

Featuring a smooth and consistent finish, MDF boards serve as sturdy storage for small items.


Wire Mesh

Wire mesh longspan shelving racks allow airflow across the items and minimise dust accumulation.



Our workbenches come in various sizes to meet the needs of your workers.

Used Shelving

We also offer premium used shelving for applications where presentation is not so important. All our second hand products undergo a strict inspection to ensure durability and safety. With a diverse selection of products, you can find a solution for your specific requirements.


Explore our online inventory of shelving units, and call or email us today with enquiries.