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The Best Storage Solution For Your Business

The Best Storage Solution For Your Business

Back Room Hanging storage offers many advantages when it comes to running a retail store efficiently. Versatile, space efficient and tidy are just some of its boasts, read on to find out more. At Shelving Depot we provide you with the best storage options for your stock room fit-out. The Super123 product is now the leader in tight space storage. Our specialists will design, plan and construct the best back-of-house storage for you. Here are some of the many reasons hanging shelving could be a game changer for your store.

Keeping Stock Organised and Easy/ Quick to Find

Hanging shelving is the ideal way to segregate stock. Whether it be by brand, size, clothing type, sale, and new season stock, it is easily compartmentalised for easy and fast access by your store staff. Having your stock organised this way means it saves you time while attending to your customers. If your customer is requiring a size that isn’t out on display you can quickly go to the storage room and know exactly where that size and style etc. will be.

Fast means less Likelihood Of Theft In Your Store

When your store is busy with customers, it’s important your staff are on the floor assisting them and also keep an eye out for security purposes. Store theft often happens when staff are in the storeroom looking for an item of clothing for a customer. This gives people the chance to quickly leave the store with a stolen item or hide a piece in their bag without paying for it first. Having hanging shelving where stock is clearly seen means less time is needed in the storeroom by staff, as they can be in and out quickly getting what is required.

Keep Stock Looking Clean And Customer Ready

Investing in hanging shelving in your storeroom means your excess floor stock can be stored correctly until it is needed or sold. As garments come in a range of lengths from tops, shirts, jackets, coats, dresses, pants, and more it’s important to have storage solutions that can cater to these different lengths. Hanging shelving means you can and your staff can easily adjust hanging rail heights, insert or remove rails to accommodate for different collections each season. The option of either centre mount rails or side mount rails means garments can be hung with enough room so they’re not crushed and remain looking fresh for customers. By using this method you reduce the time normally spent steam treating garments before moving them to the storefront reducing labour costs.

Quality And Strength

Designed and manufactured in Europe the Super123 storage solutions are designed with you and your staffs safety and ease of use in mind. Whether it be a compacter storage unit with a mix of shelving and hanging units to fit your individual needs to a light weight strong static solution designed just for you Super123 has you covered. Sleep well knowing it all been done before. Contact us on 0800 743 584 or email [email protected] to find out how we can help your business.