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Understanding the Value of High-Density Shelving Units

As the world of running a business continues to change, the importance of utilising high-density shelving units is higher than ever before. The best shelving units NZ retail businesses can use to create an organised storage space, neatly fitting in as much stock as possible, are high-density shelving systems. Read on for a deeper insight into why these shelving units are so valuable.

What is Increasing the Value of Shelving?

With rental costs rising per square metre, particularly in office and retail space, it has increased the importance of making the best use of any space available. People are beginning to realise that, if space is used efficiently, smaller spaces can be sufficient, lowering rental costs. This is helping to enhance the value of high-density storage systems which when installed can be used to either increase stockholding capacity within the existing footprint, or, reduce the area that is allocated for storage.

The minimum wage has also increased in NZ, meaning that businesses will need to reassess their budgets to be able to pay workers more. This trend means that adding manpower as distribution businesses grow is becoming less attractive. Instead, businesses are starting to understand the value of smart layouts, systems, and automation. This in turn increases the value of high-density shelving for any business. High-density designs save motion and lead to increased output per person, effectively reducing the number of staff required to fulfil orders.

The Benefits of High-Density Shelving

High rental costs tend to justify high-density storage systems, and this makes them particularly valuable in office and retail spaces where rents are the highest per sqm.

The most obvious benefit of high-density shelving is that it allows you to fit more within your existing space. While this provides an immediate and clear return on investment, there are other significant such as reducing footprint, packing efficiency, and staff morale.

As noted above, increasing the amount that you can store within a certain area allows you to either increase stockholding capacity within the existing footprint, or reduce the area that is allocated for storage. This can allow more room for your shop floor, giving you more freedom to create an impressive retail space. This offers significant value for retailers who understand the importance of high quality in-store experiences.

High-density shelving can make withdrawing, restocking, or accessing your products easier by providing a way to organise everything that you have. High-density solutions create more space and, in doing so, allow you to ensure that there is a place for everything. Taking advantage of the additional capacity, many retailers allocate specific spaces for every SKU. This improves their ability to keep their storage organised, but clear labelling and specific locations reduces the time it takes to process inwards goods and to find stock. This improves the output per labour hour helping to justify increasing wages and mitigate the rising costs of operating a business.

Increased efficiency also means happier staff and better experience for your customers! With a better storage space, employees can be a lot faster when looking for stock for a customer. Furthermore, removing the frustration of not being able to quickly locate the correct stock improves staff morale which pays dividends particularly if they are customer facing.

Super123 Shelving

Our approach to high-density storage typically centres around our innovative and versatile Super123 Shelving System.

The large variety of sizes and attachments that our Super123 system allows us to create solutions for any product type and within any space. The slim yet robust design, reduces the amount of space that horizontal beams occupy and maximises space available for storage. The key benefit however is the ability to provide mobile compactus system which delivers significant space saving. These space savings can be seen in the diagram below where a room containing just 24 bays is reconfigured to fit 60% more by eliminating wasted aisle space.


Increasing storage capacity has never been simpler! Super123 shelving makes organising your products easy, from clothing to small parts. Talk to one of our consultants today to see how we are able to help.

Shelving Depot has previously been able to save 30% to 50% of house space with the flexible shelving units, decreasing rent payment and allowing for more room in stores. Read about our case study and find out more about our Super123 shelving on our website.

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