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Westfield Newmarket – Fashion Retail Back of House


A Game Changer:

The introduction of Super 123 shelving into the New Zealand market is steadily changing the parameters of what is possible in back-of-house fashion retail storage.

Many of the best known clothing retail brands to go into Westfield Newmarket have chosen Super 123 and Shelving Depot as their solution provider, and in doing so have re-defined what is possible regarding storage capacity and ease of use for staff.

Shelving Depot is consistently able to:

  • Increase storage capacity by 30%-50% in the same footprint
  • Or decrease the footprint of the back-of-house space by 30%-50%, increasing showroom space or decreasing rent payment by the same
  • Decrease Health and Safety issues with moving shelving due to mobile units that can be moved easily with one finger
  • Deliver on time and in full, and work effectively in the demanding retail fit-out environment
  • Go the extra mile with night and weekend shifts

With today’s consumer more savvy, better informed, and less patient than ever before, having the right colour and size on hand has never been more critical for fashion retailers.  This, coupled with the rise of a curated shopping experience with less on the customer-facing shelves, has driven the need for efficient and effective back of house solutions.  Shelving Depot is now the market leader in New Zealand at delivering this.

Happy Clients:

Overland Group approached Shelving Depot regarding their flagship Merchant 1948 as a result of dissatisfaction with their incumbent supplier, with late delivery becoming usual – an expensive problem for fashion retail.

What Overland did not realise at the time of beginning to work with us was that not only could we fully deliver and install to their timeline, we could also deliver a completely unexpected result – increasing their stock-holding capacity by over 50% in the same footprint.

A successful fit-out at their flagship store has satisfied all stakeholders, from the Directors to store staff, facilitating a world class retail experience at Merchant 1948, Newmarket, Auckland.


Super 123 shelving is highly flexible, and is used successfully in many retail BOH situations including:

  • Shoe storage
  • Hanging apparel storage
  • Pigeon hole storage
  • Shelving/Hanging mix
  • Compacting shelving
  • Compacting hanging storage
  • High-rise storage


If you you would like a game changing back of house solution for your retail application contact us here.