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Five Benefits of Second-Hand Shelving

Five benefits of Second-Hand Pallet Racking and Shelving

When it comes to your business equipment, it often pays to buy new. Most business owners have at some point been guilty of trying to cut corners with budget or second-hand materials and equipment, and they have found out the hard way that there’s truth in the old adage that if you buy cheap, you often end up buying twice.

As with all things, though, there are exceptions. One of those exceptions is second-hand warehouse racking and shelving. Buying a used pallet racking system can not only save you money, it is also more sustainable and eco-friendly. Here, we take a look at the top five benefits of used racking and shelving for your business.

1. Same Function, Half the Price

For most business owners, this is going to be the main drawcard. Although second-hand, our used pallet racking systems retain the strength and durability they were designed to provide. While they may have some minor cosmetic damage, they are perfect for back-of-house function where aesthetics is not a concern. And the cost? When purchasing our used pallet racking systems you are set to save 40-50% compared to purchasing new. You will be hard-pressed to find another place in your business where you stand to make such incredible savings without sacrificing quality.

2. Environmentally Friendly

In 2021, how your business practices impact on the environment should be at the forefront of every business owner’s mind. By buying second-hand, you do not save tonnes of metal from the scrap heap; you also avoid the carbon impact of manufacture and shipping. (Almost all pallet racking in New Zealand is manufactured overseas). No matter how eco-friendly the pallet racking you buy, its carbon footprint will always be greater than if you were reusing something that already exists.

3. You’ll Support the NZ economy

As we mentioned, the vast majority of pallet racking is sourced from overseas manufacturers, which means that most of the profits go outside of NZ. By buying used pallet racking locally, you support local jobs, families, and our community. Instead of supporting other nations, you will be ensuring that what you spend will remain in NZ and reduce our economy’s reliance on overseas markets.

4. Reduced Lead Times

Another benefit of sourcing second-hand racking locally is that you won’t have to spend weeks or months waiting for your storage solution to arrive from overseas. At Shelving Depot, we have a ready supply of high-quality premium used stock on-hand. With today’s extended shipping times and frequent delays, when buying premium used racking you won’t be at the whims of the shipping industry.

5. Compatibility

We stock two main types of used pallet racking – coffin-shaped and teardrop-style – which are compatible with most racking options currently used throughout NZ. This means that you will most likely be able to match any existing racking that you already have. By stocking these key systems, you can be confident that you will have no trouble accessing more of the same when your storage requirements grow.

Why buy From the Shelving Depot?

The Shelving Depot is a New Zealand-owned and run family business, and we have built a reputation for supplying outstanding and innovative storage solutions at competitive prices to clients around NZ. Everything we do is guided by our core values of honesty, loyalty, integrity, and value. This means that we strive to meet and exceed expectations, particularly when it comes to the quality of our premium used products. With an ever-growing list of satisfied customers, we’re confident you’ll find the solution you’re looking for with us.

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