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Perfecting Your Pallet Racking Plan

Organising your warehouse storage not only improves productivity and inventory management, but it also fosters a safer work environment.

Safety should always be paramount in warehouses. Especially where vehicles and pedestrians will need to cross paths and goods need to be stored en masse.

In order to implement an effective pallet racking system, you need to start with the perfect plan.

Whether you’ve used pallet racking systems before or you’re new to the game, we’ve put together our top tips to plan the solution that suits your warehouse the best:

Know Your Purpose

In order to pick the perfect pallet racking, you need a clear understanding of the purpose it and its layout needs to serve. 

Consider the items you will be loading and unloading. Quantities, vehicles, storage specifications, structure, and weight all play an important part in determining what system you need. The shape and measurements of what you are storing or whether it needs to be hung or stacked specially will also affect this decision. 

It is also important to take your stock turn over into account. If you have very high turnover in your warehouse, you’ll need a solution that is easily accessible, versatile, and will help you speed up processes. 

Site & Space Specifications

Now that you know what purpose your racking needs to serve you can work that into the physical space you have available. This is where you can figure out how to maximise your space and structure to get the most out of it. 

When planning out this stage always keep accessibility and safety in mind. Vehicles and pedestrians will still need space to manoeuvre safely so it’s important not to overcrowd your space with storage.

Speak to The Experts

It’s always a wise idea to speak to the experts and get a second opinion when it comes to your pallet racking plan. They can work with you and combine their expertise with your understanding of your space and workflow to create the ideal outcome. It’s important to check if your plans are actually possible so consulting with industry experts who understand things like installation and customisation will go a long way.

Safety Standards

Before beginning any project, plan familiarise yourself with the safety guidelines and standards that apply. Any storage systems you install will need to meet all compliance standards in order to keep you, your staff, and your workplace safety all times.

Know Your Vehicles

Make sure you’re designing a racking system that will match the type of forklift or pallet vehicle you work with. Make sure you know the head and load lengths your fork truck will need to operate safely and efficiently.

Added Safety

Part of your plan needs to look at how you can enhance the safety of your pallet rack. This could be rack protection covers in a range of materials and fixture mechanisms. This will not only help to keep your racks safe but your employees too.

If you’ve put together the perfect pallet racking plan for your warehouse and it’s time to bring it all to life, contact our team of experts to get started!