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By converting standard static RUT shelving to mobile shelving, up to 70% of floor space can be saved, thereby maximising the available area. Each mobile storage system can be individually tailored to suit specific needs and can incorporate a wide range of storage accessories.


When you engage Shelving Depot for your next back-of-house fitout or upgrade, we’ll eliminate all the effort and guesswork on your part.  Our storage consultants have the expertise and industry experience required to design, plan and construct a fully optimised back-of-house storage solution.

Working with you directly or your store design team, we provide a complete, end-to-end service for the back-of-house. This includes free design consultation, price vs space comparisons, and 3D-modelled visualisations so you can see the result before we even start.


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    Features & Benefit


    Logiglide mobile shelving systems incorporate a low profile floor track which sits directly on top of the existing floor surface, eliminating any flooring alterations. This system does not require fixing to the floor and can be easily relocated. the low profile floor tracks are ‘user friendly’ by reducing trip hazards and providing for wheelchair and trolley access.

    Logiglide units can be fitted with mechanical drive consoles thereby reducing the effort required to operate these units. Logiglide mechanical units are available in single or tandem bay widths and can be configured in a variety of height, width and length configurations. For added security key-operated locks are incorporated in the drive consoles.

    Bay Height (mm) 1875, 2175 and 2375
    Bay Width (mm) 750, 900, and 1200
    Bay Depth (mm) 300, 400, 450, and 600
    Shelf Capacity 50kg to 100kg uniformly distributed load per level
    Accessories Wire File Racks, Bin Fronts, Pull out File Frames, Shelf Dividers, decorative Cover panels, Reference shelves.
    Standard Colours Light Grey and Off White.

    Standard Super 123 longspan shelving can be mounted on the newly developed Superglide mobile shelving base system.  Each mobile storage unit can be individually designed to suit specific needs and can include any of the accessories in the Super 123 shelving range.  This makes Superglide a very versatile storage solution with the benefit of up to 70% floor space gain, and increased stock holding capacity.

    The low profile floor track sits directly on top of the existing floor surface, eliminating the need for any floor alterations.  The low profile tracks are designed to reduce trip hazards and can be easily relocated.

    Shelving bays can be mounted in single or tandem bay widths using the sturdy Superglide base frame and runner system and can be configured in a variety of heights, depths and lengths.


    Mobibasic 123 mobile shelving system consists of rail-mounted trolleys onto which either the Super 123 longspan shelving, in single or double entry configurations, is mounted.  Trolleys can be moved by a simple pull handle or drive wheel console which reduces the physical force required to move the shelving.

    The inherent simplicity of the mobile base structure permits the creation of large storage units while containing costs and reducing the floor load per square metre of area used.

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