Commercial Stillage Cages

The Shelving Depot collapsible stillages or cages fold flat in seconds for easy storage and transport, have a drop-down access gate and claw feet allowing easy stacking and convenient forklift access. When assembled, the stillage cages are rackable, enabling you to make the most of vertical warehouse space.


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    Features & Benefit

    • Durable – Our stillage cages feature a zinc-plated finish, lending it durability. They can withstand stresses in a warehouse environment and effectively protect goods from damage.
    • Versatile – Despite formidable materials, stillage cages are manageable; you can easily transport them across the floor.
    • Accessible – Our stillage cages are designed for ease of access, so items can be easily placed into or removed from the cages without unstacking or removing them from the racking.

    When you buy a stillage cage from Shelving Depot NZ, you are one step closer to maximising the use of your warehouse space.

    Applications and Installations


    • 900mm(H) x 1000mm(D) x 1200mm(L)
    • Robust, yet light and easy to move
    • Forklift ready
    • Fully stackable
    • Fold flat in seconds
    • Zinc plated finish

    Ideal for warehouses, showrooms, factories, retail and wholesale stores etc.