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Quick Guide to 3 Types of Shelving Units

As a leading supplier of shelving units NZ-wide, we’ve dealt with every kind of warehousing challenge you could imagine, and we’ve found that the best solution is almost always the simplest one. When it comes to warehousing, the best shelving systems are defined by simplicity and functionality. To start with, the concept itself is incredibly straightforward – something strong and secure on which you can store your items – and as the old saying goes, if it ain’t broke, why fix it? Another reason to prioritise simplicity is the need for compatibility. Warehouses come in all different sizes, and businesses frequently need to reduce or expand their shelving depending on the volume of stock they are moving. Having a modular system made up of simple parts that can be easily sourced makes this job much faster and more affordable.

For these reasons, there are typically just three basic types of warehouse shelving units you’ll come across: longspan shelving, pallet racking shelving, and cantilever racking shelving. In this blog, we’ll provide an overview of these three types; the basic features, common applications, and pros and cons of each.

Longspan Shelving

As its name suggests, longspan shelving is available in longer lengths than domestic/standard shelving. Longspan shelving typically extends up to 3 metres in height with bay lengths of 2.4 metres or less, however our EasySpan shelving does extend up to 4.2mH. Affordable and highly durable when used properly, longspan shelving offers warehouse owners an excellent return on investment. The slimmer design compared to pallet racking means that you do not have to pay for more steel than necessary. It is extremely versatile, able to be easily adjusted to meet the demands of any space, and is regularly used in industrial, commercial, and even residential settings. Longspan shelving is ideal for hand-loaded goods, however its lower weight bearing capacity (100-600kg per level) and limited height options mean it may not be suitable for heavy-duty, high-volume warehousing applications.

Pallet Racking Shelving

For more demanding warehouse settings, pallet racking is the go-to shelving option. Pallet racking shelving works much the same as longspan shelving but with heavier-duty components. Therefore this system is ideal for maximising vertical space, able to safely reach heights of 10 metres or more. They are suitable for hand-loading and machine-loading, and are able to accommodate stock that is stored in pallets. Often pallet racking shelving will be used with an order picker such as a Crown WAV or Man-up Order Picker. Pallet racking shelving offers weight loadings of 750-2000kg per level, and like longspan shelving, it is easily adjustable. Compared to longspan shelving, however, the cost is significantly higher.

Cantilever Racking Shelving

Cantilever racking shelving units offers a unique difference compared to longspan and pallet racking shelving. While pallet racking units have uprights at both the front and back to support the horizontal beams, the beams or “arms” of cantilever racking units are anchored only by uprights at the back. The absence of uprights at the front creates an uninterrupted shelf level allowing you to store oversized and ‘ugly’ packages. Boards are the most efficient way to create a ‘shelf’ on a cantilever unit, but mesh can also be used. The main drawback of using cantilever racking for shelving is it is typically a more expensive and more difficult to adjust than both longspan and pallet racking shelving.

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