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Second Hand / Used Pallet Racking

Second Hand or Used Pallet Racking

One comment we get on a regular basis is; how do we accommodate pallet storage in either

  1. Temporary premises, or
  2. For a short amount of time?

Usually when asking, our clients are looking to store pallets for a particular purpose but it is not economically viable to go down the path of installing new pallet racking.

Often in this scenario, second hand or used pallet racking is a viable option.  This comes at a much lower price point than new racking, and is suitable for applications where the performance and longevity of new racking would not be worth the investment.

There are a few things to watch out for when purchasing second-hand pallet racking such as:

  • Rust. Be very careful when you spot rust on a frame particularly.  Surface rust is often present, and can be fixed, but make sure the structural integrity of the frame is not compromised by rust thinning out the steel.
  • Correct Pitch. There are many racks in the market with attachment systems that look similar, but do not fit together safely.  If you are looking to insert new beams into an existing bay or add on to existing bays, it pays to compare the two beams and posts side-by-side, or have an expert look at it.
  • Inferior Product. Here at Shelving Depot we often see second hand product that has been imported directly by a company that is not in the racking industry.  This racking has therefore not been designed and engineered to NZ standards.  If in doubt, contact us!
  • Installation.  It pays to hire experienced installers to erect your racking.  This way you can be sure that the correct bolts will be used, any defects will be repaired, all safety items will be installed and the system will be made safe.

The above is a simple overview to assist when you are looking to purchase used pallet racking.  We stock a lot of premium used product and can assist with designs and safety advice, so drop us a line if you’d like a no-obligation appraisal!


The team at Shelving Depot

One comment we get on a regular basis is; how do we accommodate pallet storage in either temporary premises, or for a short amount of time?