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Storage of long, awkward items.

Storage of Long and Awkward Items

One of the more common storage conundrums we are asked about involves the storage of long items, that cannot be accommodated on pallet racking.  These items, such as:

  • Rolls
  • Lengths of timber
  • Pipe
  • Signs
  • Kayaks and Surfboards

are often difficult to fit into a workshop or warehouse and end up taking more valuable floor space than they should.

With real estate an expensive commodity these days, it makes sense to use vertical space if at all possible.

While each situation presents different challenges, Cantilever Racking is often a good start.  At Shelving Depot we have one of the widest ranges of cantilever racking, ranging from extremely cost-effective Light Duty Cantilever to the robust Heavy Duty Cantilever.

All ranges are available in both powdercoated and galvanised finishes, with our standard offering on the Medium Duty and Heavy Duty products being a powdercoated post with durable galvanised arms.

Some examples of our recent installations are shown below – feel free to contact us to see if cantilever racking could be of any use to your business.

With a flexible range of cantilever racking, in-house design and drawing, and obligation-free site assessments, we will certainly be able to help you with your cantilever rack needs.

You can always call us on 0800 743 584 for friendly advice!