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Reclaim Your Space With EasySpan

Adaptable, strong and offering great value-for-money, the Shelving Depot EasySpan Cantilever series could be just the shelving solution you’ve been seeking for your warehouse, workshop or office.

Shelving Depot EasySpan Light Duty Cantilever Racking is a perfect solution for awkward to store products.  Some examples are aluminium extrusion, PVC pipe lengths, and wood mouldings. Furthermore, it ticks all the boxes for the storage of your lighter-weight, long length products. These racks are heavy-duty, with support arms taking up to 100kg per 550mm / 850mm and with each 2.4m high upright being able to take up to 1000kg.

Call or email the team today to find out more about this cost-effective, easy to install/ assemble, modular and powder-coat finished product. It’s in stock now. 

Shelving Depot | EasySpan Water Sports

EasySpan Water Sports Storage System

Cost-effective and easy to assemble shelving. This Cantilever style racking system solves the problem of keeping your kayak, canoe, surfboards or paddle-boards off the floor and organised. You save time and hassle. Most importantly, you free up valuable space in your garage or storage shed.

Shelving Depot | EasySpan Cantilever

EasySpan Light Duty Cantilever Racking

Adaptable, strong, offering great value-for-money and it’s fast to assemble. The whole Shelving Depot system simply bolts together and is fastened to the floor. We have designed it to be fully modular. Thus you can start with a single starter bay and simply add on as your business space requirements increase.