Shelving Depot EasySpan Cantilever Racking

Storage of long, awkward items.

Storage of Long and Awkward Items One of the more common storage conundrums we are asked about involves the storage of long items, that cannot be accommodated on pallet racking.  These items, such as: Rolls Lengths of timber Pipe Signs Kayaks and Surfboards are often difficult to fit into a workshop or warehouse and end […]

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Reclaim Your Space With EasySpan

Adaptable, strong and offering great value-for-money, the Shelving Depot EasySpan Cantilever series could be just the shelving solution you’ve been seeking for your warehouse, workshop or office. Shelving Depot EasySpan Light Duty Cantilever Racking is a perfect solution for awkward to store products.  Some examples are aluminium extrusion, PVC pipe lengths, and wood mouldings. Furthermore, […]