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Second Hand / Used Pallet Racking

One comment we get on a regular basis is; how do we accommodate pallet storage in either. 1-Temporary premises, or 2-For a short amount of time? Usually when asking, our clients are looking

Westfield Newmarket – Fashion Retail Back of House

SHELVING DEPOT FASHION RETAIL BACK OF HOUSE A Game Changer: The introduction of Super 123 shelving into the New Zealand market is steadily changing the parameters of what is possible in back-of-house fashion retail storage. Many of the best known clothing retail brands to go into Westfield Newmarket have chosen Super 123 and Shelving Depot […]

Avoid Issues In Your Warehouse

Shelving Depot is now offering free warehouse assessments. We send a consultant to your site who can advise on efficiencies, improving capacities

Reclaim Your Space With EasySpan

Shelving Depot EasySpan Light Duty Cantilever Racking is a perfect solution for awkward to store products.  Some examples are aluminium extrusion

Are You Making Use Of the Xmas Break?

The Xmas break is fast approaching. Actually it’s screaming up to us once again!! In past years, we have worked with our business partners during this period completing storage

Is Your Warehouse Too Small?

A customer recently told me that following a warehouse redesign he had realised they had too much space. This is certainly something we are not regularly told, but it reinforced the fact that a well-